“Robert has had four separate temporary contracts in this office [conducting] personal injury and police misconduct litigation and has made a very impressive contribution during his time here. I will be sorry to see him leave and would gladly re-employ him given the opportunity to do so” MP, Force Solicitor, West Yorkshire Police


“Excellent result – your assistance with this matter is greatly appreciated” AB, Treasury Solicitor, London


“I have complete confidence in Robert… [his] results were pleasing…I believe him to have the client’s best interests at heart at all times…He got on well with clients” JS, Boston Spa, W Yorks


“I have no concerns at all about Robert’s work rate, dependability, skills etc. and it has been and remains a pleasure to work with him” NA, Mansfield, Notts


“His relationship with clients was excellent as he has a very genuine outgoing and pleasant manner which allied to his good communication skills makes him popular with clients” RH, Leeds, W Yorks


“Robert is competent and efficient. He is disciplined in his approach to his work and very hardworking. Despite the huge pressures he may work under at times, he is always approachable and will make time for his colleagues” SM, Leeds


“Robert is extremely trustworthy, hardworking and pleasant to work with and I can recommend him to you” PM, Leeds, W Yorks


“He is conscientious, hard working and able…Robert worked well as part of a team and was very popular with both staff and clients alike…a cheerful individual who was a positive influence on the firm as a whole” AC, Alfreton Derbyshire


“Robert clearly makes the best use of the expertise and experience he has gained as a personal injury litigator over 25 years in practice. He is very effective and has achieved results in excess of the expectations of both clients and colleagues. He has an ordered and disciplined approach and is very hardworking. He achieves all he does whilst always remaining approachable and pleasant to deal with and is quick to assist colleagues both proactively as well as when his assistance is sought. He has assisted in the supervision and training of one trainee solicitor who has benefited immensely from this as have has supervised less experienced lawyers within his team.” JD, Bradford, W Yorks


“Robert replaced a Personal Injury Litigator who had recently left the firm [whilst a replacement was found]. His case load was solely road traffic accident claims which were being dealt outside the Portal Scheme and therefore involved the more complex cases in terms of level of damages, cases in dispute and cases being litigated. He quickly settled in well to the team and got up to speed with his case load particularly in relation to the litigated cases where he ensured that the Court Directions were being complied with. He dealt with clients extremely well and I considered him a valued member of the team” NA, Leeds, W Yorks


“Robert replaced an Industrial Disease Litigator who had left my firm at very short notice with a brief over an agreed 4 week period to assess and progress her noise induced hearing loss case load and at the same time train up [KP] the Solicitor already employed in the firm assigned to take over such case load on a permanent basis and who had no previous experience of such work. Robert quickly settled in, promptly assessed the case load and with [K’s] assistance got to grips with it and progressed it well whilst at the same time, using the apparently excellent resources at his disposal, training her so that she took effective sole conduct of the case load at the end of the 4 week assignment period. Subsequent thereto, as he kindly offered to do he has continued to answer [K’s] queries as they have arisen both generic and specific to individual cases” RP, Blackburn, Lancs